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Here, I document the progress of a life long goal: to capture every moment worth remembering.

Trip to the Worcester Botanical Garden! Lovely place, equipped with rainbow-making fountain and crazy shiny green plant bulb thing…yup.

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World, meet Trevor.

He is a baby Red Eared Slider turtle, and he is also the love of my life. Sorry Chris. 

He lives happily in a tank where he enjoys basking with his legs out like Superman (pic coming when I next catch him in the act), Swimming around looking for food, and snoozing tucked into a corner of his tank.

His favorite foods are worms and flies, and also cantaloupe. 

He also likes being really hard to photograph, and moving at the exact moment I press the shutter…little twerp…

But seriously I am in love with this turtle.

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Went into town one morning. Visited the Old Mill and the crazy chair guy next door.

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Went to Virginia to visit my aunt and uncle.

As always, the farm is stunning. Beautifully cared for gardens, wild, horse munched fields, and a blue sky leading right off into the blue ridge mountains in the distance. For the scearnery alone, I would call this place a prime vacation spot. 

The hospitality and kindness of my aunt and uncle are the icing on the cake. Chris and I enjoyed sitting up late into the night with Tressa and Hank, sharing a glass of wine and talking about anything and everything. They’ve taken a liking to Chris, much to my joy, and make their interest in him apparent by asking him almost as many questions as they usually ask me! It’s not often that I get to sit down with my extended family, so nights like those are precious to them, and to me as well. I enjoy the cheerful interrogation, peppered with stories and memories and opinions alike. 

There is so much to photograph on the farm, and even more in town. Every time I go I come back with a million pictures and still more I’d like to take next time. Bah…

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Went with the gang to Steph’s house in Martha’s Vineyard!

It was such fun! Much swimming, smore making, beach walking, and clam eating was enjoyed by all parties. 

It rained incredibly hard Saturday, and we all got drenched in our pretty sundresses, by hey, its all part of the adventure. And an adventure it was, to get home from town in up to 2 feet of water!

These photos don’t even begin to capture the beauty of that place. I can’t wait to go back and take many many more!

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This is one of my sketchbooks.

It also happens to be the first book I ever made! It may look like a piece of junk, with it’s loose bindings and warping covers, but it does have a special place in my heart.

In it are, among other things, scribblings, sketches, abstract representations of my professors, and other nonsense. 

I think that, as an artist, it’s very important to keep these sketchbooks, as a way of letting off artistic steam, if that makes any sense. Not every idea is golden, you wont always put pen to paper and make art, but having the freedom to experiment and play is what helps those golden ideas grow. The way I see it, every page of my sketchbook, no matter what it holds, is a step closer to mastery. Mastery of my own mind, of my hand, my eyes, my ability to control my medium…Every page finished is an accomplishment.

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Rainy day in the city!

It was Cookie’s first real rainstorm experience. Naturally, she was unfazed, more interested in the new sights and smells out the window.

So there we were, the three of us, sitting on my windowsill, watching the drops pour down amidst bright purple flashes of lightening, giggling at the people running around below, unprepared for the sudden storm. It didn’t take me long to grab my camera. The look of interest shining in Cookie’s big browns, the way Chris scratched behind her ear just the way she likes it, the smell of the wetness washing away the heat and sweat and dirt from a week of NYC, it was just too perfect. 

My life is pretty beautiful, I am a very lucky girl. 

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More blacklight fun. My good friend from high school, Lily came over today, and I hadn’t shown her my new blacklights (a gift to myself/Chris to make his 21st birthday party super awesome, instead of just awesome). So, pretty much you’re seeing the result of a combination of two girls, two black lights, and a bottle of fluorescent tempera paint. 

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Blacklights are the best. They make playing with a white sheet so much more fun than it should be!

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